About theReflective Practitioner Community Research Group

Do you have any opportunities to talk about practice while looking back over it? Or, do you have any opportunities to take time to listen to other people’s practice and learn together?

At the “Reflective Practitioner Community Research Group”, we inquire into the meaning of this while digging deep into practice and seeking out content. We are creating a community which continues with learning with practice at its base and we value our links with other communities.

In addition, this research group goes beyond the framework of each person’s point of view and Japanese language education with a specific aim; we believe it is important for various Japanese language teachers to seriously face practice head on and learn from each other in complex learning situations. Exchanging not just with one person but with many different practices means that there is sure to be learning that will connect at a fundamental for everyone.

This research group has planned two round tables a year, ‘From talking and listening to reflection – looking back with practice process cooperation’ in order to support learning for Japanese language teachers in this way.

They have been held multiple times in Tokyo and Beijing since 2008 but from 2015, the research group has been developing its activities. We hope that everyone’s practice will support learning and empower you. We are looking forward to as many people as possible participating.

Research group core members

Name            AffiliationSpeciality
Hiroko IkedaMeijiro University Faculty of Foreign Language Studies / Master’s Program in Japanese and Japanese Language Education/Graduate School of language and Culthure StudiesJapanese Language,Teacher education, Adult learning
Yin Song East China Normal University Graduate School of Foreign LanguagesJapanese language education, listening comprehension, Teacher education
Kazuko UedaMukogawa Women’s University Department of LiteratureJapanese language education,Teacher education
Namiko UtsukiTeikyo University Center for Japanese Language EducationJapanese language education for children
Tatsuya KonishiGraduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics
Waseda University
Japanese language education, Education for Japanese language teachers overseas
Kaori SanoNagasaki International UniversityLanguage study/Education, Adult learning
Eiko MoriuchiJapan Institute of the Moving ImageJapanese language/Japanese language education, Interactive classes
Kumiko AkitaTaiki Japanese language schoolJapanese language education, Teacher education, Business Japanese
Rima TogashiAoyama International Education InstituteJapanese language education, Career development for Japanese language teachers, Academic Japanese education